The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

For The Best Birth Possible!

Don't let fear make your decisions for you.  Read up!  
I have most of these books (and several others) available to lend to my students. 

Here are some recommendations for books, websites and videos:
(* a favorite of mine)

Spiritual Midwifery, by Ina May Gaskin*
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, by Ina May Gaskin
Born in the USA, by Marsden Wagner *
Pushed, by Jennifer Block *
Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, by Susan McCutcheon 
Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering, by Sarah Buckley*
Childbirth Without Fear, Grantly Dick-Read and Michael Odent
Birth Matters: A Midwife's Manifesta, by Ina May Gaskin and Ani DiFranco 
The Thinking Woman's Guide to Childbirth, by Henci Goer *
The Natural Pregnancy Book, by Jill Romm and Ina May Gaskin
Active Birth, by Janet Balaskas
Your Best Birth, by Ricki Lake, Abby Epstein, and Jacques Moritz
Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year, by Susan Weed
Husband-Coached Childbirth, by Dr. Robert A. Bradley
Becoming Us: 8 Steps to Grow a Family that Thrives by Elly Taylor
Do you want solid research, with plenty of references and footnotes, even though it might rock your assumptions about obstetrics?
 If so, read: "Pushed", "Born in the USA", or "The Thinking Woman's Guide to Childbirth." 

Do you want reassuring examples of wonderful births - some easy, some not?  Read "Spiritual Midwifery."

Two I DON'T recommend are 
What to Expect When You're Expecting  (best title ever, though)  and the  Girlfriend's Guides.  
Both presume that drugs are harmless and normal, and that doctors always know best.  Besides, the condescending tone is insulting to expectant mothers and that aggravates me no end!.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, 8th ed., by Diane Wiessinger, Diana West & T. Pitman, published by La Leche League*

The Ultimate Breastfeeding Answer Book, by Dr. Jack Newman

Medications and Mother's Milk, by Dr. Thomas Hale (Every pediatrician, obstetrician & GP ought to have this;  
it's only $30 and is the definitive guide to prescriptions for pregnant or nursing women;  
many pharmacies have it on-line, and it's updated every other year.)
If your HCP just uses the standard PDR (Physicans' Desk Reference), insist he check LactMed or Dr. Hale before prescribing anything for you!

Defining your Own Success: Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery, Diana West