The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

For The Best Birth Possible!

Orgasmic Birth:  Can that really happen? 
Oh, yeah, baby!!

Sure, sometimes a labor and a birth are really tough, and you end up just relieved that you and the baby are fine.  But that's thesocietal norm, not the biological norm!  There is a cascade of marvelous hormones that your body makes naturally, normally -- in labor.  
For about 1 in 5 women, birth IS orgasmic.  Ecstatic.  Blissful.  

I can't promise that you'll be one of those women.  
But together we can make it more likely!  What you do to prepare for the birth makes an enormous difference:  classes, learning and practicing relaxation techniques, choosing your doctor or midwife carefully, choosing your place of birth and who you have with you, and much more.  

One of the videos I show in class is Orgasmic Birth, a powerful, positive, and very realistic movie.  Here's a clip showing a tiny part of the movie.  
It's a pity the interviewer is so skeptical, but that's typical of someone who hasn't had the biology explained to her, or hasn't seen such a wonderful birth with her own eyes.

Moms, if you can have an orgasmic birth, why on earth wouldn't you?
Partners, if you can help this to happen, don't you want birth to be that great for her?

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