The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

For The Best Birth Possible!

The class fee is $350, which includes your workbook, many handouts, and my large lending library. 

If you haven't paid a deposit before the first class, the $50 deposit is due then.  Most people pay the full amount at the first class, but you can pay weekly or every other week.  You can pay me with cash or check, or credit card. 

What I teach is personal, so payment can be, too.  I might be interested in trading my expertise for yours.  Generally I barter for up to $250 of the $350 (so I can cover my costs). Some of my students have traded photography, carpentry, auto, and electrical skills, guitar and art lessons, fresh chicken eggs - even the use of a vacation home - to lower their costs.  Look for creative ways to pay for what you need. (A family member can barter on your behalf.)   A bank's not interested in your skills, but I might be.

Why do hospital childbirth classes cost less than Bradley classes?  One reason is that their classes meet only a couple of times, so they don't have to pay a teacher for as much simply have less time to learn.  Another reason is that the hospital benefits from you taking their classes. It gets a compliant patient, and that can translate into big bucks.   But have no hidden agenda.  You are getting the value from my classes, and you really get your money's worth - for this birth and all future ones!    A hospital's classes can be their "loss leader" because insurance companies more than make up the difference (of what the classes actually cost the hospital) with payment for so many interventions (including C/sections, longer stays, and NICU stays).  It's best for your health and your baby's to be a cheap date. Remember that hospitals are very big business;  they know that where you have your baby is probably where you'll go for emergency care, sick care, and other births.  They're counting on brand loyalty; that's fine.  But you're the customer;  make them earn your business! 

My previous students are welcome to sit in on two classes for free as a review.  I recommend Classes 7& 8 (combined), and 10 (our full labor rehearsal) to jog your memory. For previous students who take the whole series again, I only charge half price.

Most of my students have had more babies since taking my classes -- and they've often told me that what they learned in my class proved to be very helpful in the later pregnancies and births, too.  I'm pleased, but not surprised.  When you have weeks to learn something and practice it, you remember it! I welcome e-mails and phone calls from previous students;  I'm still here for you and happy to help you!

Want more value?
Considering that a lactation consultant can cost over $150 per visit once you've left the hospital, my breastfeeding expertise (as a CLC and LLL Leader) certainly adds to the value of my class!

Those are  just some of the long-term values of my Bradley classes.  I don't want to be your parenting guru, but if you have a question, I'll do my best to help.  Just call or e-mail or join my facebook pages.  I have one for Students and one for Graduates. First, though, check out my pages  Infant Care and Miscellaneous.  Several frequently asked questions are answered there.