The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

For The Best Birth Possible!

Class 11 Answers:

p. 91  These are all "YOU"!  It'll really help you know how ready you are to do it.  Really. :)

Please, spend 5 minutes of quiet with a pen and paper and write down any questions you may have about pregnancy, labor, birth, parenting.........bring the paper to the next class!!
p 97-98:  Do you know all these answers?  We've gone over these in class...........ask any you're unsure of.

Homework this week
the pregnancy exercises from Class 1
the Study Helps for this week's chapter
the new Kegel exercise
the relaxation technique, or the one on this chapter's topic page
filling in & totaling your pink nutrition sheet
also, contraction and relaxation practice (with ice cubes)

Haven't come to a La Leche League meeting yet?  Come see how nice it is!  Sorry, gents;  ladies only.

For your sakes, look over and practice again each of the relaxation techniques described on the first page of each chapter.  Need help with any?

I have 2 extra pages that I hope are useful suggestions about new baby care on:  Infant Care and Miscellaneous.  

Class 12 Answers:
p. 106:  3 things that increase jaundice:
To reduce jaundice:  Nurse on cue 

 it’s “witching hour:”
 has a gas bubble

Rock him, 
colic hold, 
bath or shower, 
speak calmly and softly; 

Homework from now til the baby's born:
the pregnancy exercises from Class 1
the last Kegel exercise, at least 100 times per day
all relaxation techniques
paying attention to your nutrition 
also, contraction and relaxation practice (with ice cubes)

Keep practicing your relaxation techniques;  nobody ever said they practiced too much!  Stay calm.  Call me anytime -- especially once your baby is born!  Your baby is counting on you.  If there's a problem, your OB or midwife will tell you...otherwise, just do what feels right for you.  That may be walking a lot, moaning, yelling, or getting all shrivelly in the tub!  So what?  It's YOUR birth, too!!  

By the way.......are you all packed?  Got your tennis balls and tube socks?  Breath mints?  Orange juice?  Honey sticks?  Glasses or contact lens' case?  Cell phone charger? Camera?