The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

For The Best Birth Possible!

Class 1:

The only answer that isn't obvious from the previous pages is that the "3 B's" are back, belly and bottom.

Easiest homework you ever had, right?  Remember to practice the exercises so you'll have the stamina and flexibility to push out this baby!  
Squat, pelvic rock, Kegels, butterfly, and tailor sitting.  

Class 2:

Good for you;  you did the homework and now you're checking to see if your answers match up!  

Next class, tell me the homework code word: "yummy," and I'll give you a yummy thing to take with you to the birth.

1.   No way. 
2.  Immediately.  Find out.
3.  Colostrum.  Antibodies and high in fat (important for mylenation and maintaining body temperature.)
4.  Generally, less than 10%.
5.  1-3 days postpartum.  3-5 if Pitocin was used in labor.
6.  Definitely NOT.
7. Over-full breasts (very uncomfortable).  Nurse on cue:  frequently!  Nurse often, put warm cloths on breasts or take a warm shower.....gentle massage from way back under the arms, towards the nipple.
8.  By baby's sucking.  Supply and demand is the most basic rule of breastfeeding. 
9.  About every 2 hours, often with 1 or 2 longer stretches of sleep.  Generally if a newborn sleeps more than 3 hours more than twice in 24 hours, wake him to nurse.
10.  No.
11.  Nipple confusion, decreased milk supply, allergic reactions, mistaken measuring, insufficient sanitation, milk too old, etc.
12.  Nature and a copy. 
13.   Have you found out yet?
14.  Yes
15.  Yes
16.  Yes 
17.  Yes
18.  No. (except in the rarest form of jaundice, breastmilk helps CURE jaundice.)
19.  After 6 months.
20.  Support the mother, shut up naysayers, admire the healthy baby.  Advantages for you:  more sleep, huge financial savings between 1,138.00 and 3, 163.00 in the first year), easier, happier and healthier wife AND baby.......and so many more! 
21.   Nearly constant
22.  Nearly constant
23.  500 calories a day
24.  Good;  ideally like while pregnant 
25.  Whatever she dislikes
26.  Babies nurse better than machines.  Machines can damage breast tissue if on too high or fast or if flange is wrong size.
27.  Can lead to a yeast infection (which can lead to thrush, for which both mother and baby must be treated.)
28.  Red spot, soreness, flu-like symptoms.  Call me;  also, warm compresses, gentle massage, frequent nursing, lots of fluids and rest 
29.   No! 
30.  and of course La Leche League meetings:  free and happening every month.
31.  Gradually, and with love.

Class 2 answers contd.
1.  Because weight gain varies considerably, based on individual women, but babies's and mothers's nutritional needs are consistent and well-researched.
2.  About 35 lbs.
3.  So he'll grow well and healthy and be able to handle the stresses of labor.
4.  To support the pregnancy, of course, but also to support all the tremendous physical changes going on in her body:  an increase of 50% blood volume, for instance.  Also to protect her from depleting her mineral stores.  Also to support the speedy growth and development of the biggest muscle:  the uterus.  There are so many reasons!
5.  The last month.  Huge changes!
6.  Toxemia :  75 grams or more protein daily = 0% toxemia  PROM : strong, healthy membranes are far less likely to rupture early Good nutrition provides the nutrients, salts & fluids needed for the normal protective increases in blood volume.
7.  Dairy: 4 servings.  Eggs: 2.  Protein: 2.  Greens: 2.  Whole grains:  4.Citrus: 1-2.  Fats and oils: 3.  Yellow and orange-colored fruits and vegies: 5 servings per week  Salt: salt to taste  Water: drink to thirst.
8.  Simply, your body doesn't work as well.  There are many variables and possible problems with deficiencies.  
9.  Good nutrition protects you and the baby, helping you through a challenging time. 
10.  Drugs, smoking, mercury, artificial sweeteners, aluminum, chemicals, pesticides, caffeine, junk food, additives and preservatives, used kitty litter, raw meats and fish, off-gassing petroleum-based products, such as new rugs, mattresses, baby furniture, paints and stains, etc. 
11.  Breastmilk!
12.  You'd schedule time, and practice, wouldn't you?  You'd eat well and take good care of yourself.